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GC Fuji IX GP and GC Fuji IX GP FAST 100 million restorations placed worldwide, make it THE GOLD STANDARD glass ionomer restorative GC Fuji IX GP Capsules: Pack of 50 (minimum mixed volume per capsule: 0.12ml) Powder - Liquid: 1-1 package with 15g powder and 6.4ml liquid Refill: Bottle of 15g powder, bottle of 6.4ml liquid

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Description. Fuji IX GP is packable posterior glass ionomer restorative cement. This alternative to composites is perfect for geriatric and pediatric posterior restorations, final restorations, intermediate restorative, core material and long-term temporary restoration. Specs.

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GC Fuji IX GP and GC Fuji IX GP FAST The GOLD STANDARD glass ionomer restoratives - designed to give you the best of everything. Here's why it's the number 1 choice… 6 mins with 'normal set' GC Fuji IX GP 3 mins with 'fast set' GC Fuji IX GP FAST Micro hardness and Chemical Analysis of ART Restorations.

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Product Information. GC Fuji IX GP® FAST is the fast setting version of GC Fuji IX GP®, a strong, wear-resistant multipurpose glass ionomer restorative. This product achieves its initial set in only 3 minutes and 35 seconds after mixing; final finishing can begin in only 3 minutes after placement. It's non-sticky, dough-like consistency and.

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from start of mix. Mix for 10 sec. Working time is 1 min. 15 sec. from start of mix. Insert into Capsule Applier. Click twice to prime capsule. Apply G-COAT PLUSTM. DO NOT AIR BLOW.*. *Alternatively, apply GC Fuji VARNISHTM (blow dry) or GC Fuji COATTM LC (light cure). Light cure for 20 sec. Consult Instructions for Use.

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Watch how to hand mix Fuji IX® with minimal wastage and with ideal consistency to place in an endodontic access cavity.

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Fuji IX GP EXTRA is matchless, clinically proven and remains the most versatile glass ionomer system." Dr Akit Patel, United Kingdom Delivery • Fuji IX GP FAST: Capsule • Fuji IX GP & Fuji IX GP EXTRA: Capsule & Powder/Liquid Shade Range • Fuji IX GP: A2, A3, A3.5, B2, B3, C4 • Fuji IX GP FAST: A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B2, B3, C4


Description. GC Fuji IX GP EXTRA is a conventional glass ionomer restorative that chemically bonds to both enamel and dentin. The Extra designation refers to enhancements in setting time, fluoride release, strength, and translucency. The material has a high fluoride release, non-etch surface preparation, and biocompatibility.

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Close bottles tightly immediately after use. MIXING Dispense powder and liquid onto the pad. Using the plastic spatula, divide the powder into 2 equal parts. Mix the first portion with all the liquid for 10 seconds. Incorporate the remaining portion and mix the whole thoroughly for 15-20 seconds (Fig. 1).

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Gc ®fuji IX™GP , Gc fuji IX GP® fasT, Gc fuji IX GP® eXTra - Packable Glass Ionomer Cement * See Final Restorative Materials Base or liner Vitrebond†, Biodentine† (not a GI or RRGI, but has some similar indications) Gc fuji lInInG™ lc - Resin Reinforced Glass Ionomer • Unique Paste Pak no waste dispensing or Powder/Liquid • Light.

Fuji IX GP Extra and GCOAT PLUS Your glass ionomer restorations just

e) When set, immediately apply GC Fuji VARNISH (blow dry) or GC Fuji COAT LC (light cure) (Fig. 8). Note : 1) To adjust the direction of the nozzle, hold the applier with the capsule towards you and turn the capsule body. 2) To remove the used capsule, push the applier release button. Twist the capsule and pull upwards. 4. FINISHING

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the instructions for use. ES Antes de usar, lea detalladamente las instrucciones de uso. GC Fuji IX GP ™ EXTRA GC Fuji IX GP ™ EXTRA STORAGE Recommended for optimal performance, store the capsules in the original aluminum foil in a cool and dark place (4-25°C)(39.2-77.0°F). 3. Single Shade Export package: 200 capsules. 3.

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Refer to the respective instructions for use. c) Instruct the patient not to apply pressure for 1 hour. STORAGE Store in a cool and dark place (4-25°C) (39.2-77.0°F).. GC Fuji IX GP FAST est une version à prise rapide du GC Fuji IX GP CAPSULE. Ce produit est réservé à l'Art dentaire selon les recommandations

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GC Fuji VARNISH (blow dry) or GC Fuji COAT LC (light cure for 10 sec.) Refer to the respective instructions for use. c) Instruct the patient not to apply pressure for 1 hour. STORAGE Recommended for optimal performance, store at room temperature, away from heat, moisture and direct sunlight (4-25°C) (39.2-77.0°F).

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a) Before activation, shake the capsule or tap its. side on a hard surface to loosen the powder. Fig. 6. (Fig. 2). b) To activate the capsule, push the plunger until it. is flush with main body (Fig. 3). c) Immediately place the capsule into a metal. GC Capsule Applier and click the lever once.